Sober Rant

Yes, I said sober... UGH.

It's been a minute since I have posted, I know. 

Begin rant:

Listen, I too could order gold, silver and rose PLATED cuffs laser etched by a computer and a machine in China.... Yes they could be cheaper, basic and not last more than a few wears. 

You know what? I take pride in the fact that I, yes me, one person, hand stamps each and every piece that leaves this shop. I bend them, polish them and package them by hand in my home workshop. ( My sister-in-law helps me too because let's be real the orders can get crazy) They are made of quality metals that can be worn forever with an occasional polish to maintain their shine and quality. No they aren't stamped perfectly and that's the damn point, they have character because they are handmade. 

I believe in supporting all small businesses but know what each of them is about before you order this holiday season or any time of the year for that matter.

End rant.


love you babes.



  • Debra

    I love it. Thank you for stating it like it is. Want “Made in China” go else’s where. Want real, stay here!

  • Saralynn Reece

    As a small business owner myself, I get you girl. I appreciate, can relate and applaud your sober (why???) rant. I have wanted to have honest moments with my clients so many times, but it is much easier said then done.

    I LOVE your handcrafted creations, especially EVERYTHING that includes the work F*CK. I am a chef and we have horrible mouths. F*CK is simply apart of our culture and is usually used two out of every three words, especially when you are a female working around big, ego driven assholes.

    Four months ago I moved from San Francisco to Sonoma. I am easily adjusting to the slower pace of life here and all of the WINE!!! However, with that said I still have a “fuck it,” bucket mouth.

    I love all of my pieces ordered from you and I have given many pieces as gifts. Every time a female chef/friend gets a big promotion I gift them the “Fresh Outta Fucks,” cuff. Why this cuff? Well nothing better sums ones feelings after a 16 hour shift that kicks you ass all night then “Fresh Outta Fucks.” This was also the first item I purchased from you because I felt like it was made for me and I were it with pride.

    One quick question………what do you suggest to polish my brass pieces?

    Thank you for creating RAD pieces and offering them at a great price point. Continue to stand by your vision and I really hope that you write a tipsy rant someday.

    Saralynn Reece
    Healdsburg, CA (Sonoma)

  • Sybil Cepeda

    What can I use to polish mine?

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